Download Lucky Patcher APK Latest version for Windows Phone

Lucky Patcher is the best ads, removing the tool that would not only help you to remove the ads, but also purchases the apps and restricted the features. Now the days cracking the codes illegally and manipulating them has become more. The Lucky Patcher app does not belong to that category and this is a genuine app that allows you to unlock the purchases app easily.

The Lucky Patcher app is the best one which automatically gets the information regarding the apps that you have previously installed on your device. With the help of you can remove the license verification and modify all the permissions which have been associated with the apps. The Lucky Patcher app allows you to backup the files, install the any paid up apps for absolutely without pay single penny. The Lucky Patcher is helping you to remove the ads which have been installed on your device.

Lucky Patcher is the amazing application which is now also available for the Windows phone users. It allows you to patch your apps and remove the license check. With the help of Lucky Patcher you can remove the advertisements, customize limit permissions and also create the modifies the app, it means that the app file has been installed the app with its applied patch. Lucky Patcher is the superb and stable app. It is easy with the smooth interface. In the middle of watching the movies or any videos, you will get the ads which disturbing and irritating sometimes. By the use of this application, you can remove those irritating ads and enjoy those videos without ads.

Features of the Lucky Patcher

  • The Ads displayed on the several applications can be removed easily.
  • It helps to remove the License verification of all the apps in the purchase.
  • Download any app for free by the paying any single penny.
  • Find the backup of any application on your device.
  • The new store will be created from which you can install any apps.
  • The Lucky Patcher is working on the rooted device, but it is the little big task, so use the rooted Apk file.


How to install the Lucky Patcher on your Windows Phone

If you are wondering how to install the Lucky Patcher on your windows phone, then here is something interesting for you.

  • Firstly, Download the wconnect tool.
  • Then, Download the Android SDK ADB tool.
  • Open the downloaded files to a folder.
  • Open the wconnect folder and install the IpOverUsbInstaller.msi
  • Go to the Settings on your Windows Phone, then Update and security>For Developers and enable the Developers Mode and Device Discovery
  • Go to the folder where you have saved wconnect, open a command prompt (Shift + right-click>Open command window here)
  • Connect your phone to your PC. You can do this by connecting the USB, one side of USB was connected with the phone and another side with the PC.
  • Now it will ask you for the pairing code, type the pairing code and press Enter.
  • Head it over to the extracted ADB file and open the command prompt
  • Ensure that your phone is connected to your PC, then type ADB devices and press enter to show the list of devices which are connected
  • Place the APK file where you want to install in the directory (ADB folder) and type in ADB install.
  • Now you will able to install the Lucky Patcher Pro on your Windows Phone device.